As we creep closer and closer to Valentine's Day, your heart and brain are working overtime to find the perfect Valentine's gift. Usually, this also involves kissing your partner in excess. The last thing you need is bad oral hygiene to make every kiss unpleasant. Here are 5 quick tricks to turn your Valentine's Day dentistry from a disaster into a master.

  1. A great, and seemingly unrelated, gift is a gym membership for the both of you or a gym exercise system if you've got the space. Not only can you both get fit at the same time, the hormones released after exercise are natural aphrodisiacs. So what does this have to do with the mouth? In addition to being distracted by strangely attractive sweat, your elevated blood flow will push white and red blood cells towards the gums, helping to drive off bacteria and regenerate any damage done. It's not a cure-all for dental problems, but it's definitely a good start.
  2. You've no doubt heard this a million times: brush your teeth twice a day, preferably after meals, floss once a day, and visit your dentist twice a year. Mouthwash only goes so far on top of this, and a tongue scraper will only lessen the smell of bacteria on the tongue. But did you know there is a way to regrow enamel? Products containing the substance "recaldent" helps not only clear the mouth of some bacteria but also remineralizes and regrows tooth decay and other damage. It is non-toxic in moderate doses and slips between cracks normal brushing can't reach. Recaldent often comes in a variety of flavors, so you can pick out a flavor your significant other enjoys. How does this make for a great Valentine's Day gift? Throw together a basket of body washes, shampoo, bubble bath, and a new toothbrush (preferably electric) to combine with the recaldent product. A healthy and indulgent basket always makes people smile because it means you care about their health and comfort.
  3. People tend to shy away from spicy foods because they 'burn' the mouth. If your significant other enjoys spicy food, then a good spicy dish for dinner can help your entire body. Even for those who don't enjoy the heat can still get health benefits from far less spicy seasonings. Capsaicin, the ingredient that makes chilis and other seasonings hot, helps with weight loss, protection from heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer. Even better for your mouth, it can 'burn' away offensive bacteria and a quick brush and mouthwash can not only cure spiciness but clear your mouth of leftover bacteria.
  4. Sharing a shower, feeding each other grapes, and other paired activities are very romantic gestures. So why not take turns brushing each other's teeth? Strange as it sounds, brushing is something you should do twice a day anyway – why not do it with your significant other? You can tell them if they missed a spot or are right on target, and vice versa. The clear coordination and communication are healthy side-effects to brushing one another's teeth. After you're both done, why not celebrate with a fresh kiss?
  5. Massages are a popular activity during Valentine's Day. That warm, intimate touch can excite anyone. Yet dozens of muscles remain untreated. As you might have already guessed, the muscles on the face are the most commonly missed parts during a massage. Tight, stressed, and neglected muscles can make smiling and other communicative expressions difficult. This can, in turn, affect bone structure, tooth position, and blood flow to the gums. A sensual massage of the face will loosen lips, cheeks, eyebrows, and forehead, all of which are attached in ways that affect your dental health.

Valentine's Day dental health and dental care is a true gift from the heart. These 5 tricks are a home run not just for relationships, but for your teeth, tongue, and gums as well.

At OrthoSmiles4U near Middle Island, NY, we work to customize the teeth straightening care that best fits your cosmetic needs.  As orthodontic care advances, patients have been requesting the use of Invisalign, or clear braces more often than the traditional metal ones. The question that Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, Dr. Mark Rienecker is often asked now is which treatment is more effective? And honestly, the answer may be as subjective as to the needs and tastes of every individual patient and which will benefit the patient the most. To clarify some of the differences between Invisalign and braces near Middle Island, NY, Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, Dr. Mark Rienecker has selected the major ideas that set the two apart.

  1. Traditional Braces are irremovable.  They consist of brackets and wires that are inserted into the mouth and worn 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   Since they cannot be taken out there must be proper precautions made over the types of foods eaten or any contact sports played that might cause damage.  Invisalign is removable and essentially invisible to the human eye.  They should be worn 24 hours a day but can be taken out during eating or play.  Being removable makes them convenient, but extra steps must be taken to ensure they stay clean and hygienic.

  2. Traditional braces are made of metal brackets and wires.  They provide stability and effective teeth straightening, however the sides or “wings” of the brackets might cause sores and pain during teeth movement.  Invisalign is made of a strong medical grade, thermoplastic material that are fitted snugly around the teeth to position desired by the patient.  Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, Dr. Mark Rienecker agrees that Invisalign causes less pain and discomfort, however might not be as effect as traditional braces to move teeth vertically.  

  3. Traditional Braces can be considerably less costly than Invisalign. Since removable clear braces are more convenient appearance wise, they can be pricey.  Invisalign can have a starting cost of $3,000.00 or more. While traditional braces can be greatly cost effective on a tighter budget or insurance policy, and often start between $1,200.00 to $3,000.00 depending on how much orthodontic work needs to be done. At your initial consultation with Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, Dr. Mark Rienecker, someone from the OrthoSmiles4U team can discuss your orthodontic treatment financial options and give you a price estimate to help decide which treatment will be more affordable.

In the end, it all depends on the individual patient.  Traditional braces are cheaper, easier to clean and more effective in raising or lowering teeth, where Invisalign is removable, lighter, and overall more convenient  in day to day activities.  At OrthoSmiles4U near Middle Island, NY, we strive to make the best decisions for your smile and will help you in choosing the right orthodontic treatment for you. If you have any questions, or would like to set up a consultation with Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, Dr. Mark Rienecker, call us today at 631.928.2655!

What do You need to Know About Braces for Adults?

It is never too late to attain the perfect smile that you had so long wished and hoped for. There is a general misconception that braces are worn only by children and teenagers. But the truth of the matter is that you can wear braces at any age, and today, adults wearing braces make up about half of all orthodontic patients in the United States. Braces for adults have evolved considerably in recent years, and nowadays these devices have become more lightweight and easy to put on and take off. At OrthoSmiles4U, braces for adults near Stony Brook, NY is gaining popularity and becoming extremely common. But for the people who think they are “too old” for braces, Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, and Dr. Mark Rienecker and the team at OrthoSmiles4U has some information to ensure you that braces are for adults too!

Why May You need to Wear Adult Braces?

Dentists recommend braces for individuals to correct misalignment of their teeth. Misaligned and crooked teeth not only affect the appearance of a person and may dent his or her self-esteem but also have significant adverse health implications.

For instance, misaligned teeth and crossbites can increase the likelihood of plaque buildup and also trap food. These, in turn, increase the chances of the individual developing gum diseases and periodontal complications. This may lead to tooth decay, toothache, earache, and headaches. Improperly aligned teeth can also cause problems while chewing food, and this may eventually lead to gastrointestinal complications.

Improperly aligned teeth may cause problems when speaking as well. Apart from making an individual shy about his or her appearance, misaligned teeth may also prevent people working in certain industries or in client-facing jobs from achieving their professional goals.

Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, and Dr. Mark Rienecker  all agree that the above conditions are perfect candidates for orthodontic treatment and why an adult may need to wear braces.

What are the Different Types of Braces for Adults?

There is a wide range of orthodontic treatment options for adults:

  • Traditional Metal Braces: These are made of high-quality stainless steel, and many dentists feel that these are the most effective devices for straightening teeth, especially in cases where there is severe misalignment. They also often produce the desired results faster than any other kind of braces.

  • Clear Ceramic Braces: These are preferred by many people who want their braces to be less conspicuous, for aesthetic or professional reasons. Clear ceramic braces for adults are fitted to the front of the teeth and match the color of the individual’s teeth.

  • Lingual or Concealed Braces: These are worn at the back of the teeth and cannot be seen. These braces have brackets that keep them in place.

  • “Invisible” Braces or Aligners: Also known as Invisalign, these clear, easily-removable braces are ideal for people with mild teeth-spacing issues. The aligners can be removed while eating, brushing teeth, and flossing making these healthy and hygienic choices for the individual wearing these. These braces are almost invisible and are preferred by people who feel self-conscious about appearing in public with braces on. At OrthoSmiles4U, Invisalign treatment is quickly gaining popularity and often a top choice for our adult patients.

The best way to find out what adult orthodontic treatment plan is right for you is by setting up a consultation with OrthoSmiles4U near Stony Brook, NY! If you have misaligned or crooked teeth, or just want to improve your smile, adult braces may be the right choice for you. To learn more about adult braces, or to make an appointment with Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, or Dr. Mark Rienecker, call us today at 631.928.2655!


Orthodontics does not know an age limit. While many adults feel embarrassed or overwhelmed by the thought of having to undergo orthodontic treatment, the truth of the matter is that adult orthodontics is very common and braces are not only for children. In fact, statistics have shown that one in every five patients in orthodontic treatment is over 21! OrthoSmiles4U believes in granting a beautiful smile to patients of any age. And while adult braces near Manorville, NY may seem like a scary idea, consider some of the following before ruling this treatment out.

Braces can help your future. The age old saying “when you look good, you feel good” certainly applies to your smile. How many times have you been told to dress to impress on an interview? What about on a date or at a social event? Dressing to your best ability means wearing your best accessory, your smile. A smile can change everything about your look, your confidence, and therefore your future Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Elliot Taynor, or Dr. Mark Rienecker can help you get your best smile near Manorville, NY today. Braces will straighten your teeth, realign your smile, and help you put your best foot forward in the world.

It doesn’t have to be noticeable. Many adults shy away from treatment for fear of how they will look while in treatment. Adults often associate the idea of braces with traditional metal appliances, the ones that come with adolescent memories. However, in addition to traditional metal braces, OrthoSmiles4U offers a variety of more fashionable options. These include Invisalign, the clear plastic aligners, and ceramic braces, which are similar to traditional though clearer and less visible. These two alternative take the “awkward teenager” idea out of braces, and put the “glowing smile” in.

The cost won’t kill your wallet. Of course, in today’s economy, cost is important to consider. However, depending on how severe the case, the cost of adult orthodontic treatment can and will vary. Often, traditional braces will cost upwards of $4,000 (with some less expensive options). Invisalign or clear braces will most likely be a bit higher in price (ranging from about $5,000 to a possible $10,000), but depending on how extensive the treatment may be relatively equivalent.  Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Elliot Taynor, or Dr. Mark Rienecker can assess your case individually and match the price that is right for you. The OrthoSmiles4U team are eager to make your experience as cost effective as possible. These prices may seem like a pretty penny, however braces will increase your confidence and your overall look for the rest of your life; something that could be defined as a priceless investment. Moreover, your personal health care plans may cover some of the costs. Ask your insurance provider and Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Elliot Taynor, or Dr. Mark Rienecker for more details.

It is never too late to start straightening your smile. After all, braces can help your job and personal life, without costing too big of a budget. OrthoSmiles4U near Manorville, NY provides many alternatives to traditional treatment, including Invisalign and clear braces. Stop by our office or call us today at 631.399.1600 for more information.

By choosing Invisalign at OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics, patients near Stony Brook, NY are able to enjoy a comfortable and easy orthodontic treatment. The series of plastic aligners makes getting a straight smile much less noticeable, but still effective. And, Invisalign near Stony Brook, NY offers a ton of benefits, such as being able to be removed, that traditional metal braces can’t offer, a reason that many OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics patients choose Invisalign for themselves. However, Invisalign does still require some care. To effectively maintain your Invisalign aligners and to ensure a quick and easy treatment, follow these simple care tips from Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Elliot Taynor, and Dr. Mark Rienecker:

  1. Keep Invisalign in a safe place = One problem that patients often run into when using the Invisalign system is that the trays are small and clear, making them easy to misplace. Always make sure when you are removing your Invisalign near Stony Brook, NY that you keep them somewhere safe, such as a case or in your purse or bag. Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Elliot Taynor, and Dr. Mark Rienecker also says not to wrap them in a napkin when taking them out to eat. Many patients think this is a good place for them, but tend to forget and end up accidentally tossing the napkin out! Additionally, if you have pets at home, make sure your aligners are always high up and out of their reach, as the plastic material may be appealing for them to chew on or play with. And of course, if you do accidentally misplace your Invisalign aligners, be sure to contact the team at OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics immediately.

  2. Remove Invisalign to eat and drink = One of the great benefits of getting Invisalign near Stony Brook, NY is that they can be removed. Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Elliot Taynor, and Dr. Mark Rienecker wants to remind you to take advantage of this! Always take your Invisalign trays out when you are eating or drinking. Leaving them in can lead to staining of the trays or other damage, such as distortion of shape due to hot food or drinks (remember, they are made of plastic!). Plus, removing them makes eating much easier.

  3. Clean your Invisalign thoroughly and properly = To keep your Invisalign working well for your smile and for your oral health, be sure that you are always cleaning them correctly and completely. OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics believes Invisalign should be cleaned at least twice a day, preferably after meals. To do so, Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Elliot Taynor, and Dr. Mark Rienecker recommends purchasing a small baby toothbrush, and brushing the insides of the aligners softly, with just a tiny drop of toothpaste.  Another method that many patients near Stony Brook, NY use is to soak Invisalign aligners in Denture cleaner. Simply fill a cup with warm water, put the tablet in, and let the aligners soak. The team at OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics agrees that both methods will keep your Invisalign near Stony Brook, NY looking clean, feeling fresh, and working effectively.

  4. Wear Invisalign as directed = The most important aspect of Invisalign care is using the system properly. Be sure to always follow the exact instructions from Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Elliot Taynor, and Dr. Mark Rienecker. Likely, this will mean that you never leave the Invisalign trays out of your mouth for extended periods of time, and being sure to change to your new set of trays when the 2-3 week time period has elapsed. Additionally, patients near Stony Brook, NY should remember not to take the trays out when playing sports or participating in other activities, because these could take a long time and may throw off the schedule and mess up your final result.

Invisalign near Stony Brook, NY is designed to be comfortable and convenient, and by following OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics easy instructions, patients can ensure their success with this system. If you are a patient looking to begin with Invisalign, or have any questions about your system and how to care for it, Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Elliot Taynor, and Dr. Mark Rienecker and the team at OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics near Stony Brook, NY today at 631-928-2655!

Orthodontists do more than cosmetic work, they also improve the look and health of your smile by straightening your teeth and aligning your bite. Crooked or crowded teeth, overbites and underbites can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and even tooth loss. With these possibilities, it makes finding the perfect orthodontist near Miller Place, NY even more important. Orthodontists like the staff at OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics are specialists in the field and perform more advanced orthodontic procedures that general dentists. Orthodontists complete four years of dental school then continue their education with two to three years of focused study. 

At OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics, we use a wide range of orthodontic treatments to help our patients get a beautiful, confident, and healthy smile. Braces, trays (also called aligners), retainers and headgear are all appliances that Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, and Dr. Mark Rienecker can use to help correct dental issues. A breakthrough in orthodonture is Invisalign, which are clear, removable braces or aligners that add a comfortable, more attractive option. OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics has helped hundreds of patients near Miller Place, NY, improve their smiles with Invisalign. Also, children and teens aren’t the only ones who benefit from orthodonture. One in five orthodontic patients is an adult, typically ranging in age from 26 to 44, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. If you are looking for the best orthodontist near Miller Place, NY. ask around. Ask your dentist, physician or your child’s pediatrician for recommendations. Get referrals from your family, coworkers and friends. Inquire about their personal experiences. We have also come up with a few tips to make the process a little bit easier.

  • Look for an orthodontist who have professional credentials, like the specialists at OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics near Miller Place, NY. Orthodontists are certified by organizations, including the American Association of Orthodontists or the American Board of Orthodontics. Many orthodontists include professional affiliations on their logos, business cards or stationary. Feel free to ask the receptionist, office manager or doctor for verification.

  • Narrow your search to three orthodontists and look online for more information about each of them. Do some general research to learn about orthodontics and common procedures, like the benefits of braces and Invisalign. Make a list of questions you have before you have an in-person consultation with an orthodontist. Bring the list with you to make sure you cover each topic.

  • Ask about the technology in the office. Does the orthodontist use digital x-rays and paperless records? Does the doctor offer the latest innovations in the field, including Invisalign? Top orthodontists take the time and money to upgrade the practice to remain at the forefront of orthodontics.

  • Orthodontics work is personal. Be comfortable with the orthodontist and the office staff. Orthodontic procedures take time. Active orthodontics treatment could be 2 to 2 1/2 years. You could need up to 2 years of retention follow-up. You must trust your doctor and feel at ease in the office. Read some reviews about the orthodontists that you have found to see what other patients have said. OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics offers friendly and caring service to every client near Miller Place, NY.

  • Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, and Dr. Mark Rienecker and the team at OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics can help you get the perfect smile at an affordable cost. Orthodontics work may be included in your dental insurance coverage. Talk with the orthodontist and your insurance provider to find out if braces, Invisalign or other procedures are part of your plan. Orthodontists often offer financing, and bank loans are another choice to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.


Hopefully these tips bring you one step closer to finding the right orthodontist for you and your family. OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics near Miller Place, NY is the best around, and if you’re ready to begin treatment or to learn more, call us at 631-928-2655.

Most of us aren’t born with the bold smile of a TV celebrity, and the fact is that most celebrities aren’t born with that smile either! However, that near-perfect smile is now at your reach with the help of the OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics near Rocky Point, NY.

Most people know that basic orthodontic treatment makes your teeth stay strong, healthy and well-aligned, but they are often reluctant due to the prospect of having to wear unsightly and uncomfortable braces for a long period of time. The good news, is Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, and Dr. Mark Rienecker near Rocky Point, NY can provide the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted without braces at all!

If used properly, Invisalign Teen, the clear alternative to braces for teenagers, can be used to treat many different types of orthodontic cases.


Before you decide to start orthodontic treatment with Invisalign near Rocky Point, NY, it’s important to ask Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, and Dr. Mark Rienecker and the team at OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics several important questions:

  1. Are you certified by Invisalign Teen?

  2. How long have you been using Invisalign Teen to treat your cases?

  3. Do you prefer to use Invisalign Teen or braces in my/my child’s case?

  4. Do you use the latest advancements in technology to obtain the best results with Invisalign Teen?

  5. Do you have any before and after pictures of your patients who used Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen treatment is very innovative in comparison to traditional braces, due to the fact that they are more comfortable and very convenient. Since it is relatively new to the field of orthodontics, it’s important to choose an orthodontist like Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, and Dr. Mark Rienecker who has quite a few years of experience using this method to straighten her patients’ teeth. This high-tech system revolves around creating precise scans of your bite using our 3D computer imaging system. We will design personal Invisalign aligners at the OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics office via computer, and gradually shift each tooth individually until they are perfectly aligned.

Due to our experience with Invisalign Teen near Rocky Point, NY, we find that treatment with it is typically as effective as regular braces in the most frequent orthodontic issues we treat at OrthoSmiles4U Orthodontics. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about Dr. Robert Goldman, Dr. Elliot Taynor, Dr. Patrick Sabo, and Dr. Mark Rienecker and the team, call us today at 631-929-0700.


You may feel that it is unfair, but appearances do matter. And your smile is probably the first and the only thing about you that will create a lasting first impression in the mind of the stranger or person in front of you. But you should take care of your smile (read: teeth) not only because you want to send out some positive vibes but also because dental issues affect oral health. When choosing an orthodontist near wading River, NY, make sure that you opt for the services of a professional who is a specialist in his or her field, like Drs. Goldman, Taynor, Sabo and Rienecker.

Seek an Orthodontist, Not a General Dentist

Not many people are aware about the difference between an orthodontist and a general dentist. Nor do they realize that these two professionals are experts in different areas of dentistry.

For the uninitiated, a dentist deals with matters of general oral health and hygiene issues like taking care of tooth and gum and recommending treatment for tooth decay and minor structural problems. On the other hand, an orthodontist is a specialist who explicitly deals with problems with alignment of the teeth and jaws. Specifically, orthodontist, like Drs. Goldman, Taynor, Sabo and Rienecker, correct the improper positioning of teeth and any other alignment issue of the jaws. He uses non-surgical methods of orthodontic treatment.

Both general dentists and orthodontists have to go through a stint at a dental school. However, a general dentist can begin practicing right after passing out from the school while an orthodontist has to additionally complete a two-year residency program in orthodontics before he can set up his own practice. Thus a general dentist and an orthodontist are trained differently, and only the latter has the specialized training to deal with certain dental issues. Specialized training also means that an orthodontist is more adept at using various orthodontic tools and keeps himself up-to-date on the latest procedures and techniques of treatment.

So it goes without saying that if you want to seek treatment for an orthodontic problem that you or a loved one might be suffering from, you should visit Long Island Orthodontists near wading River, NY.

Enquire into the Credentials of an Orthodontist near wading River, NY.

When choosing an orthodontist near wading River, NY. make sure that you enquire into the credentials of the professional. These will usually be posted on his website. Give precedence to professionals who have been trained at accredited dental schools and are licensed by the state. It is a prudent idea to choose an experienced orthodontist and especially one who has been recommended by your family dentist or a trusted one. Personal recommendations will help you shortlist and choose a professional who has been proven to be effective in his approach and treatment methodologies.

What is more, selecting an orthodontic procedure such as having braces fitted, means making a long-term commitment to an orthodontist. It is imperative that you choose a professional with whom you can be comfortable discussing your issues. You can determine the comfort levels with an orthodontist during the preliminary consultation.

When you choose the right orthodontist near wading River, NY, you can be sure that the treatment procedure will be effective, comfortable, and hassle-free.If you’re looking for the best orthodontist, don’t hesitate to contact Long Island Orthodontists near wading River, NY today and schedule an appointment by calling (631) 988-2655.


Orthodontics is very popular among adults and children alike near Brookhaven, NY. As a child develops, one of the first things parents may begin to worry about is their oral health. Long Island Orthodontists is often questioned about what signs to look for to determine if a child may need orthodontic attention, and when a child should begin treatment. Each case is different, but Drs. Goldman, Taynor, Sabo and Rienecker recommend the following steps:


When is it best to Begin Treatment?

In many cases, orthodontic issues can be detected early in life. By the age of 7, the mouth is formed, shaped, and strong enough for detection of issues and corrective procedures to begin. However, that does not mean that every child should begin with braces by the age of 7. Long Island Orthodontists simply recommends that you visit our orthotontics office near Brookhaven, NY. early on. By having regular visits, we can examine your child’s individual case, and determine when, if it all, it would be best to begin treatment. Starting treatments as early as possible can prevent issues from becoming more severe later on, and will provide children with a permanent solution before the problem grows. To find out when treatment is right for your child, Schedule a consultation with Long Island Orthodontists.


What are the Treatment Options? Once you have determined that your child needs orthodontic treatment, you may begin to wonder about what kind of treatment systems are available to you, and which one is best suited for your child. At Long Island Orthodontists near Brookhaven, NY. we offer a variety of treatment options.


The first is traditional metal braces. These are simply old-fashioned braces that are attached to the teeth with wires and brackets. While more visible and slightly more uncomfortable than other options, traditional metal braces are considered to be one of the fastest and most effective choices near Brookhaven, NY. They are also the best at treating severe cases, and are generally cost effective as well.


Long Island Orthodontists also offers Damon ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are similar to traditional in that they are attached to the teeth, however they are less noticeable because the brackets are clear. They are also said to be more comfortable than a traditional metal braces system. Their downside? If a patient is not careful they can stain the brackets, losing their “clear” effect. Drs. Goldman, Taynor, Sabo and Rienecker recommend these to patients near Brookhaven, NY. who are conscious of their image, but are interested in a more conventional procedure. Finally, Long Island Orthodontists are specialists in providing Invisalign systems to patients near Brookhaven, NY. Invisalign are clear, plastic aligner trays that can be removed to ear, drink, brush, and floss. Invisalign are highly desirable because they virtually invisible, easier to manage and care for due to their removable nature, and very comfortable. Of course, Drs. Goldman, Taynor, Sabo and Rienecker remind that there are some negatives – Invisalign may be less effective on extremely severe cases, or may take longer to correct oral issues – however, our professional team at Long Island Orthodontists is experienced with Invisalign and eager to offer this option to children near Brookhaven, NY.


What are the first steps?

If you are interested in orthodontic treatment for your child near Brookhaven, NY, the first step is to Contact Long Island Orthodontists. Drs. Goldman, Taynor, Sabo and Rienecker and team will examine your child’s case, and discuss which options are best suited to correct their issues, while suiting your lifestyle. Once you have settled on the proper treatment plan, it is time to begin the road to a gorgeous smile, with help from Long Island Orthodontists. Do not hesitate to call our orthodontics office near Brookhaven, NY we are eager to hear from you.




If you have recently had braces put on near Mt. Sinai, NY. it is important to learn how to effectively clean them! Food has more hiding spots than usual in your mouth now, so you have to be diligent in order to avoid bad breath, swollen gums, discolored teeth and cavities. Keep your oral appearance up to par while wearing braces with these ten tips from Long Island Orthodontists:


One tooth at a time. When you brush your teeth, Drs. Goldman, Taynor, Sabo and Rienecker stresse that you take your time with each individual tooth. Focus on each one for at least 10 seconds, and pay close attention to the spots where your teeth touch your braces. This way, you are ensuring that every single tooth is being well taken care of.


It’s all about the angles. Long Island Orthodontists suggests that you brush your top teeth and braces with your brush angled downward, and brush your bottom teeth and braces with your brush angled up. This is the best way to clean them thoroughly.


The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth. While the front surface of your teeth may seem like the most logical place to clean, Drs. Goldman, Taynor, Sabo and Rienecker agree that it’s equally important to clean the inner and chewing surface of your teeth, your tongue, and along your gum line (a key spot for plaque buildup). These surfaces get built up just as much as the front of the teeth, and though you cannot see it, leaving them unattended will cause damage to your oral health near Mt. Sinai, NY.


Brush after every meal. Food can easily get caught in your braces and in between your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay. Also, the longer food stays in contact with your teeth, the greater the opportunity for plaque to form. So, Drs. Goldman, Taynor, Sabo and Rienecker suggest that if you can’t brush after every meal, it is best to thoroughly rinse your mouth with water.


Make a first aid teeth-cleaning kit. Get into the habit of taking a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss with you wherever you go near Mt. Sinai, NY. Design a special container just for your teeth-cleaning tools and keep it in your bag at all times.


Remove the moving parts. If you have elastic bands or headgear, remove these parts before you brush or floss. This will help you to keep from breaking your appliances, and also allow for the best possible clean.


Fluoride is your friend. Fluoride helps prevent cavities. Long Island Orthodontists reminds to be sure to brush with fluoride toothpaste and rinse with fluoride mouthwash.


Interproximal brushes. Sometimes called proxa brushes or interdental brushes, these cone-shaped brushes come in handy when you need to reach those spots around your braces that standard brushes can’t reach. Invest in one of these to keep your teeth perfectly bright and clean throughout your treatment with braces near Mt. Sinai, NY.


Find the floss for you. Regular floss works for some Long Island Orthodontists' patients, but others find it easier to work with a floss threader or Superfloss. A floss threader helps you get the floss into those tight places, and Superfloss is an all-in-one product which comes with a stiff end for easy threading, a spongy section for cleaning wide spaces, and regular floss for narrow spaces. Test out which one feels the best for you, and be sure to use it diligently!


Make an appointment with Long Island Orthodontists! Visit Long Island Orthodontists regularly while in treatment to get a deep, thorough cleaning that only a professional can provide. Additionally, it is important that Drs. Goldman, Taylor, Sabo and Rienecker continue to check on the status of your treatment throughout the process, and ensure that your braces are functioning properly. If you have any questions or concerns about cleaning, or anything else, while wearing your braces near Mt. Sinai, NY. do not hesitate to Contact us at (631) 988-2655 or visit or office near Mt. Sinai, NY.

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